A Balsamic Dream

They said it would happen.  Eventually I would have a dream where I ate some off-plan food and I would wake up feeling guilty.  Did my dream include indulging in cake, a bowl of cereal, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or some gourmet biscotti? No. It involved me dipping some chicken in non-compliant balsamic vinegar. I just have a couple questions:

1. Who dips chicken in balsamic vinegar in the first place? Balsamic vinegar as a marinade? Yes. As a dip? I’m not so sure.

And 2. Why couldn’t it have been something more fun like cookie dough or an ice cream cake?

So in my dream I was at my Grandpa’s house in Havertown – which in and of itself is strange because he doesn’t live there anymore and it’s not like it was a place I frequented. I haven’t been there for probably a year or so. For some reason I was eating chicken (with whom, I don’t know) and I went into the kitchen from the dining room to check the ingredients on said balsamic vinegar and was horrified to find out it contained sugar. Yes, horrified.  Need I remind you of the peanut oil debacle!

I woke up Saturday morning feeling like something wasn’t quite right, like I did something wrong (dreams can have that affect on you) and then I realized it was just a dream and I felt better.

I must have felt so good that when I went to Wegman’s and got some cashew butter I never thought to look at the ingredients. I got home and started to slather (yes slather) it on an apple and then when I DID look at the ingredients I realized it had sunflower oil in it! Those damn oils!  I guess slipping up with something like that is better than tripping and having my face land in a PB&J or bowl of Raisin Nut Bran (mmmm Raisin Nut Bran!).

TWICE now those oils have gotten me! I’ve just decided to finish out this Whole30, do some reintroductions and be on my way! I know this won’t be my last Whole30, so we can just store this sneaky oil knowledge away for the next time.

Some things I’ve noticed:

1. I’m falling asleep faster, sleeping deeper, and waking up easier.
2. I’m having more vivid dreams which I can remember easier.
3. My skin is clearer.
4. Our food bill has gone up (but how much exactly I can’t say yet)
5. I have more energy throughout the day.
6. I know when I’m hungry. You know how sometimes you’re like, “I’m kinda hungry.” Nope! Not anymore. It seems that either I am hungry or I’m not, which is nice.
7. It’s much easier to pass up on the sweets and noncompliant foods.

On that note, there has been a revival of sorts of cravings recently.  My most recently Whole30 daily email said that it’s called “extinction burst” – where your brain makes one last ditch effort to revert back to old habits, to get the reward it was so used to before (i.e. something “sweet” after dinner, snacking at a certain time of the day or due to a certain mood, etc).  Having this occur is actually good because it means you’re close to breaking the old habit.  I’m still working on the “needing something sweet” to round out a meal, but it has gotten better! 🙂

Some things I’ve made recently:
Roasted Carrots (Hubs really liked them!)
Pork Roast with sweet potatoes and onions
Kale Chips
One Pan Pork and Apple Fry
Baked Apples and Pears (I modified the recipe to add the pears. I also soaked the raisins (not golden) in a little bit of apple juice to give the whole dish a little more moisture.  I also added pecans.  The pecans were to. die. for.  I don’t know why but I toasted those suckers up and ended up eating a bunch plain! They were so stinkin’ good!  It could be because my palette is changing and things are tasting different or because it was just a good batch of pecans, but MAN! I was sad when I finished them.

Today is Day 21.  Three weeks down. 9 days to go.


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