The First Saturday – Day 5

Not being at work and having a set schedule made for a little more snacking today.  It didn’t help that we only had one egg this morning so Hubs didn’t really know what to eat for breakfast (He sacrifically let me have it).  I ate it with some of that pork stuffing from last night – so good! 🙂

Today was not my best day. I feel like I didn’t have a plan and not having a plan is never good.  For some reason when I was planning the meals for the first half of the month, I only planned Monday – Friday. I totally forgot about the weekends. Hubs looks at the calendar and says, “What are we just going to starve on the weekends?” So I pseudo-wrote something down but it wasn’t enough planning.  I feel like we just grazed all day long instead of having 3 solid meals.  I also seemed to feel hungry all day but that could have been because what I was eating wasn’t enough to keep me full.

We went to Wyebrook Farm today and decided against the bacon.  The guy at the market is really nice and we talked about why they use nitrates and sugar when they cure the belly.  I’m still doing some research into this but Whole9 has a Bacon Manifesto that details their thoughts about bacon.  While there we bought some green lettuce (which is beautiful!), some more ground pork (so good!) and EGGS! I’m so excited about the eggs! We bought 3 dozen (yes, we go through that many!) and they are gorgeous!  I love that on the carton there is a ‘lay date.’  One carton’s date was yesterday! Talk about fresh!

I made some BBQ sauce but I’m not too sure about it. I think I may have added too much apple cider vinegar and am wondering what I can add to balance it out! Didn’t try to make the mayo yet. Hopefully soon so Hubs can have tuna and chicken salad for lunch during the week.

I did accomplish some things I wanted to do: put away the remaining Christmas decor, dusted and put back up the pictures I took down, organized the guest room (aka storage) a little bit, took some bins of stuff to the shed (actual storage).

On a different note: I haven’t been running because I can’t find my cold-weather running gloves. Might seem like a silly thing to stop someone from running but if you’ve ever run outside in the cold with less-than-stellar gear, you know why; it is awful! PLUS it gets dark so early that I can’t get a good run in if I stay after school for any reason or run errands. I really need to start working out again so I came up with a crazy solution: get up at 4:00 am and workout before school. I know it sounds crazy but I think it’s my only option right now. Do I want to get up that early and work out? Heck no! But I also understand the importance of exercise and if I’m going to work hard to make my body healthy through the food I eat, I should work to make my body healthy through exercise! 🙂