Finished Whole30

We are now in uncharted territory.   As someone who likes to follow rules, I was a little nervous about the end of my Whole30 because I thought to myself, “What will I do without the safety net of the rules? What if I go off plan?”  I could see myself  beating myself up about eating off-plan foods, now that I know what I know about what certain foods do to your body when you eat them. But that’s no way to live.  I did this so that I could become healthier, so my body would run more efficiently, so that I would thrive instead of just survive. The perfectionist side of me wants to eat perfectly all the time – that’s no fun.  I’m not going to do that.   I got a recipe for flourless chocolate chip cookies .  I’m going to make them. And I’m going to eat them.

I’ve been thinking back on my Whole30 and doing some assessing.  There was definitely a hump I got over about 1/2 way through.  Up until that point there was frustration building about what I could/couldn’t eat, the stress of all the food shopping, having to cook every night, and the endless search for recipes.  I posted on the Whole30 forum about my frustration and got some good feedback.   It’s like I just needed to get those frustrations out because since then I’ve been fine.  I almost see that as a turning point in how I view this entire process.  It was a moment of acceptance.  Looking back, I almost question why I was so frustrated; it seems so silly.

So, the results.  You are out of your mind if you think I’m posting before and after pictures.   I weighed myself this morning and the scale said I gained 2.4 pounds.  However, I’m chalking up those pounds to the Big P that showed up today.  When I did this for a week or so back in September I dropped 5-7 pounds and got to basically where I am right now.  I hadn’t been feeling like I lost any weight during this so I’m not really surprised that the scale confirmed it.

The point of the Whole30 is not to lose weight.  The POINT is to get healthy, which I’ve done, so I can say that I was successful.  It can never hurt to cut added sugar and processed foods out of your diet.

I reintroduced dairy today by adding a little skim milk to my coffee.  I was thinking about adding back in added sugar but we want to isolate the reintroduced item so I’ll add sugar later.  About 5 minutes after I started drinking the coffee I got a headache.  Not a pounding-turn-out-the-lights headache, but a dull kind of droning headache.  Does that make sense?  On a scale from 1 to 10 it was probably a 2.  I kept drinking the coffee until about 8:15 and still had some slight head pain around 10:30, though it went down to a 1 or .5 on my pain scale.  I need to have something else with dairy in it; maybe I’ll have a piece of cheese after class tonight.  My Dad was lactose intolerant so I won’t be surprised if I have to limit how much I eat.  I really hope I don’t have to give it up completely because milk does such a better job than coconut milk of taking the bitter edge off coffee.   If headaches are the only reaction I have, depending on the severity of them, it might be something I can live with for the few instances I actually have dairy.   Coffee won’t be a problem because I don’t drink it every day.   Cheese occasionally would be nice. We’ll see.



Check this out!




2 More Days

Can you believe Wednesday is my last day on the Whole30? Thursday starts the reintroductions.  I’m going to do dairy first (I miss cream in my coffee). Then I’ll try non-gluten grains like corn (I like tostitos).  The other thing I’m going to eat is chocolate.  Hopefully my palette has changed enough that 60% or 75% cacao is good enough.

On Sunday I put some pork in the crock pot and made some lovely pulled pork.  Tonight I made some plaintain mash that I topped with some of the shredded pork.  Recipe here.  When I cooked the plantains I added some cinnamon and when it was finished and all mashed up (with some coconut milk) it tasted like banana bread! It was so good!! I’ll eat it with my breakfast tomorrow and it will be lovely!

A note about the plantain mash – it didn’t mash up like I thought it would.  I had to add more coconut milk than the recipe called for to make it smooth, and even then it wasn’t smooth like mashed potatoes or cauliflower.  It was thick.  And delish.

Dinner was fast because the pork was already made so I whipped up a breakfast lasagna.  Recipe here. I can’t speak to how it tastes because I haven’t had it yet but I can let you know. If you’re interested.

I calculated what we spent on food for January and it was shocking!  We went 3x over what I had budgeted!!  I have to remind myself that cheap food is cheap for a reason and we are investing in our bodies.  As a wise woman once told me: pay for the grocery’s now or pay for the doctor later.  It’s all where your priorities are.  Mine are on food and sleep.  I want to make running more of a priority.  And reading the Bible.

On a different note: What’s up with the snow/ice coming around 8:00 this morning? Doesn’t it know it needs to start at like 4:00 am!

On another note: Alias is an awesome show! Hubs and I are so addicted! Thank goodness for Netflix, all the seasons in one place, and no commercials.

Baby, it’s cold outside!

It’s 15 degrees outside but a lovely 76 in my house! So thankful for the wood stove!

This is the creek near our house when I was driving home from work. Crazy to think that it is so cold even constantly moving water freezes!

Frozen Creek

On a different note: have you ever heard of Kombucha? It’s a fantastic Whole30 approved tea that is raw and full of lovely probiotics! It’s been great in settling my stomach.  Whenever you change the things you eat you have to give your body time to adjust.  Kombucha is helping me do that! 🙂

I made Baked Spaghetti Squash with mini sausage meatballs.  Recipe here.  The sausage was from…. you guessed it! Wyebrook Farms!! I sauteed some garlic and onion with the sausage and it was really good!!

Cooking every night hasn’t been too bad.  I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of it.  I have a good supply of meals to pull from  and I like enjoying the leftovers for lunch the next day! OH! You should have SEEN the roasted chicken I made yesterday! It was gorgeous! I should have taken a picture!

7 more days until some reintroductions! I’m interested to see how that goes! 🙂